Well, our love affair with Bitcoins continues!

As a result of more than enthusiastic response from our visitors and clients we decided to launch a new promotion – anyone making a $100 or more purchase on our site, paying with Bitcoins, will get a $40 rebate issued immediately. To get the rebate all one needs to do is use the promotional code BITCOINFOREVER at checkout, and then pay with Bitcoins.

Come, start your own business, and join the revolution!


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It’s a new day here at MyUSACorporation.com, and we are proud to announce that our company has finally joined the Bitcoin universe!

Our long term goal has always been to expand the range of payment methods available to our clients. Now anyone in the world can purchase our services using bitcoins. In cryptography we trust!

So what are you waiting for?! Get that business of your dreams started today!

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Our favorite holiday is here at last!!

To celebrate the birth of our nation we want to announce a special, 1 day Super 4th of July promotion: use the code ★SUPER4JULY★ to get $30 off of ANY order placed today till midnight! ‎

4th of July 2013

Did we tell you we love infographics?

Here is another one to savor, by Anna Vital, a presentation of how funding of start ups work – graphically simple!


Just stumbled upon a great infographic (and you know, we are suckers for good infographics :)

Some minor discrepancies, but overall a great presentation of states to choose from. NOTE: Our favorite Wyoming does come as number one here as well, for enough good reasons. Enjoy!

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Dear friends,

With great pride and pleasure I want to let you know that our flagship Q&A website IncorporationAnswers.org has reached 1000 questions answered today. The question number 1000 was “How can a foreigner register a business in USA“, asked by “Edward”, and I reserved to myself the honor of answering it :)

From myself and our team at IncorporationAnswers.org and MyUSACorporation.com I want to thank all visitors and clients who helped us create this useful resource.

And keep them coming!

Dear Friends!

With great pleasure and joy I would like to announce the release of our first ever video ad, produced in-house (literally, produced by me at home over the weekend), to be the opening feature in a bigger series of video ads that we plan to produce over the next several months.

As you already noticed by now, our company is undergoing an interesting transformation from being “just another business filing service” to the kind of company I originally envisioned – one that caters to the great entrepreneural spirit of America. Out new theme is “good old America” of the past, focusing on the nostalgic Industrial Age, the roaring 20s, and the western expansion. Fittingly, the heros of our first series would be the great entrepreneurs and industrialists of the late 19th-early 20th century.

MyUSACorporaiton.com presents: “The Minds That Built America”!

The honor to open the series goes to Andrew Carnegie, a steel magnate and a legendary American industrialist. Sit back and enjoy the show!

Fiscal cliff

This thing called “Fiscal Cliff” bothers a lot of people nowadays, so I figured it would be a good topic to start from. As many times before, a perfectly useful term is used to describe something completely different to divert attention from something really important.

Someone asked me to explain what is this thing all about, and I did, in technical details, to the extent of my understanding. Not convinced, a person asked me “so what is so ‘cliffy’ about it?”.

Really – what is? After all, those automatic tax hikes and spending cuts are planned events, agreed upon some time ago by the same Congress people, as part of the same types of deals as the one they are trying to cook now. We are told that without agreement we will all fall off the fiscal cliff, but how exactly?

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Dear Readers!

With great pleasure I would like to announce the opening of our new blog.

So what would that blog be about? Since the main focus of our company is “Growing America one business at a time” it only fits that I, as the founder of the company, would write on topics relevant to entrepreneurs building their businesses in the U.S.

However, the scope of those topics is gong to extend way beyond the tips on how to market your business better, or how to build a website – there are plenty of resources on the web that cover those, and adding more of the same is not my intention.

What I intend to do is focus on what is going on today around us, in the U.S. and in the world, and give my commentary on how it influences the future of America and the future of the American entrepreneur.

As I mentioned in the “word from our founder“, I invite you, my readers, to follow our progress as we reform the company from head to toe, starting from a new and fresh design (rolling out very soon), and through this blog and the various social channels, where we will explore the ideas we stand behind, to help promote the right kind of change in America.

So, buckle up, and join the ride!

Alex Zehnbacht


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